Efforts to effectively implement the examination plan of insured institutions in 2022


The intense outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic since late April 2021 amidst new strains of coronavirus spreading all over the country have had a profound impact on all aspects of social life and activities of agencies and units. Accordingly, the examination conducted by agencies and units in general and the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) in particular, which has its specialized features, has been affected considerably.

In an attempt to actively adapt to the developments of the pandemic, from the beginning of 2021, the DIV’s examination units actively made preparations for the examination such as: doing in-depth research of documents related to the examination of insured institutions; conducting surveys, and developing detailed examination plans; contacting the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) branches in provinces/cities as well as insured institutions to reach agreement on the examination period to carry out the plan whenever the pandemic was under control in localities. 

At the same time, they proactively and flexibly prevented and controlled the pandemic to ensure staff’’s safety when they conducted the examination of insured institutions located in “green zones” or in the areas where the DIV’s headquarters or branches are situated. In 2021, thanks to the close attention and direction of the DIV’s Board of Directors and Board of Management and the high sense of responsibility of examination officers, the DIV’s whole system adapted flexibly, overcame obstacles, implemented examination actively, thus completing 100% of the examination plan approved by the Board of Directors and examining 22 People's Credit Funds (PCFs) under the direction of the SBV Governor, ensuring the quality and the requirements set forth.

In 2022, according to the examination plan towards the compliance of legal regulations on DI of insured institutions approved by the DIV’s Board of Directors, the DIV’s whole system conducts on-site examinations at 281 insured institutions, including 38 banks, 241 PCFs, 02 microfinance institutions, and 520 transaction offices of 38 insured institutions.

The DIV continues to strengthen and focus on the examination on the receipt of insured deposits, the information provision on insured deposits, and the implementation of regulations on applying for granting, re-granting, and displaying the Certificate of DI Participation at insured institutions, which are subject to examination in the plan. 

In addition, according to the approved plan, in 2022, the whole system conducts a large-scale examination of the display of copies of the Certificate of DI Participation and receipt of insured deposits towards three commercial banks.

In order to well implement the examination plan in 2022, as well as readily prepare resources for the examination of PCFs under the direction of the SBV Governor in the context of complicated developments of the pandemic, in January 2022, the DIV’s General Director issued a direction to all of the DIV’s examination units to proactively implement the 2022 periodical examination plan starting from the first quarter of 2022, in which setting priorities in the examination of insured institutions which are located in areas with low risk of disease transmission while ensuring the safety of examination officers, relevant units and individuals during the examination period; thereby ensuring the proper implementation of pandemic prevention and control according to regulations of the Government, local authorities and health authorities.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of examination in the coming time, the DIV continues to take a couple of important measures such as focusing on improving the examination process in a more appropriate and science-backed way; organizing training courses for examination officers and staff in professional departments of the whole system to disseminate and fully comprehend revised, amended, supplemented and replaced examination regulations and guidelines in order to improve the efficiency of examination. In addition, more attention is paid to the preparation stage, such as focusing on doing in-depth research on documents related to the examination of insured institutions, conducting surveys, collecting information, developing the examination plan and the method of detailed examination, requesting insured institutions and related parties to prepare data and documents in advance for the readiness of examination to shorten the examination period.

The DIV also further promotes offsite supervision to detect violations of legal regulations on DI, then focusing on examining these subjects, making recommendations for them to promptly correct their mistakes, thereby ensuring operational safety, contributing to protecting the rights and interests of depositors.

Together with the significant results achieved in 2021, the above efforts will create a solid momentum and basis for the DIV’s examination activities in 2022 to continue to perform effectively and meet the objectives and requirements set forth. Therefore, although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be complicated and unpredictable, with high determination, initiatives, and decisive actions, it is hoped that the DIV’s whole system will successfully complete the examination plan in 2022, thereby contributing to achieving the master plan of the DIV, and effectively implementing the dual goals according to the guidelines of the Party, the directions of the Government, the SBV as well as authorities at all levels.

Research and International Cooperation Department (translation)