Overcoming challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, DIV’s task of examination of insured institutions ensures quality and meets requirements


In 2021, due to the widely-spread Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and online working were put in place in various provinces/cities in a long period of time, which greatly affected the onsite examination of insured institutions by the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV).

The DIV developed a plan to examineof the compliance of legal regulations on deposit insurance of 357 insured institutions (including 37 banks and 320 people’s credit funds) in 2021.

In addition, to meet practical requirements and comply with the Prime Minister’s directions at the Directive  No. 06/CT-TTg dated March 12, 2019 on “Strengthening the role of and Assigning tasks to the DIV in participating in and assisting the State Bank of Vietnam’s examination of people’s credit funds”, since 2019, the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has assigned the DIV to examine people’s credit funds (PCFs) with the number of institutions to inspect being doubled or tripled every year. In 2021, the SBV Governor assigned the DIV to conduct examination of 35 PCFs in 19 provinces/ cities with more examination contents and more complicated contents compared to the previous year. Almost all of them are located in provinces/ cities where the pandemic remained complicated and prolonged. Hence, the DIV must maximize its resource utilization and take appropriate measures to implement the examination plan assigned by the SBV.

In an attempt to actively adapt to the developments of the pandemic, from the beginning of 2021, the DIV’s examination units actively made preparations for the examination such as: doing in-depth research of documents related to the examination of insured institutions; conducting surveys, and developing detailed examination plans; contacting SBV branches in provinces/cities as well as insured institutions to reach agreement on the time of examination to carry out the plan whenever the pandemic was under control in localities. At the same time, they proactively and flexibly prevented and controlled the pandemic to ensure the safety of staff while actively focused on examining insured institutions located in “green zones” or in the area where the DIV’s headquarters or branches are situated.

In addition, considering that the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic significantly affected the implementation of examination in the whole system, the DIV’s executives asked examination units throughout the system to review and propose to adjust the examination plan to be appropriate in each area to ensure both safety in pandemic prevention and control and the effectiveness of the task and follow the directions of the Government, the Ministry of Health and other state agencies on "... suspending, extending and postponing unnecessary planned examinations and inspections in 2021 and implementing them in an appropriate time after the Covid-19 pandemic is under control", at the same time, maximize its resource utilization to carry out examinations of PCFs in accordance with the SBV Governor’s directions in 2021. Accordingly, in 2021, the DIV’s examination volumn was decreased by 20% of the plan mainly for those institutions located in the area where the pandemic was complicated or coinciding with the inspection plan of the SBV provincial branches, etc.

Despite the arised workload and complexity and the fact that many examination officers of the DIV had to concurrently undertake other tasks as required, thanks to their high sense of responsibility and the attention and direction of the DIV’s executives, the DIV’s examination officers have overcome all difficulties and made efforts to implement and accomplish planned and unexpected tasks, ensuring the quality and meeting requirements. Accordingly, as of December 15, 2021, the DIV conducted examination of 266/266 insured institutions, achieving 100% of the 2021 examination plan approved by the DIV’s Board of Directors (post-adjustment).

Regarding PCFs examined under the direction of the SBV Governor in 2021, right after the Conference on Implementing the examination of PCFs under the SBV’s direction in April 2021, examination units actively studied the directions of the SBV and DIV; conducted surveys at the grassroot level, grasped the operating conditions of the PCFs to be examined, developed draft examination plans and outlines, etc. to be ready to carry out onsite inspection at PCFs in May 2021. However, most PCFs to be inspected assigned by the SBV are located in areas where the pandemic remained complicated or social distancing was put in place to prevent the pandemic while the DIV’s headquarters and some branches also had to implement social distancing in a couple of months in accordance with local authorities’ directions. As a result, the implementation of examination of PCFs under the SBV’s directions was affected. As of December 15, 2021, the DIV completed the examination of 20/35 PCFs and is examining 2/35 PCFs (expected to be completed in December 2021) and extended the examination plan of 13/35 PCFs to 2022. During the implementation process, a couple of examination teams of the DIV had to suspend or stop their work due to the impact of the pandemic at localities. To ensure the examination stayed on schedule, some examination teams had to ratify the examination report virtually as the pandemic remained complicated in the area where the PCFs are located.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of examination in the coming time, the DIV continues to take a couple of important measures, which focus on improving the examination process in a more appropriate and science-backed way, specifically: paying more attention to the preparation, such as focusing on doing in-depth research on documents related to the examination of insured institutions; conducting survey, collecting information, developing the examination plan and the method of detailed examination; contacting insured institutions and related parties for their preparation of data and documents for the readiness of examination to shorten the duration of examination.

At the same time, the DIV further strengthens its offsite monitoring to detect violations of legal regulations on deposit insurance, thereby focusing on examining these subjects, making recommendations for them to promptly correct their mistakes, ensuring operational safety, contributing to protecting the rights and interests of depositors.

Besides, the DIV continues to review, adjust, amend and supplement directions and guidance to further improve the effectiveness of examination.

Research and International Cooperation Department