Message from the Chairman of The Board of Directors

Vietnam economy in general, and the financial - banking sector in a part have been deeply integrating with the world, especially after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization. In the course of the integration process, the developments of the global financial market will impact directly to the banking and financial system in Vietnam. Therefore, the banking and financial system in Vietnam, a part from the traditional risks, will have to face with many new risks. 


In the 90s of last century, economies in Asia had faced many difficulties when experiencing a serious financial crisis, confidence of people in the banking system had been declined. In Vietnam, the national economy in general and banks in particular had faced quite a few difficulties. As the financial and banking system was considered “blood vessel” of the economy, instability if occurring, would cause social unrest, so it is necessary to balance between strong growth of this system and stable growth of the national economy. To this end, the Government had issued the policy of deposit insurance, with an aim at protecting depositors and contributing to maintaining safe development of the financial – banking system. 


It has proved that the Government’s decision on establishing a deposit insurance organization is in line with the trend of the world and the real situation in Vietnam as well. 


Established since 1999 and went into operation in 2000, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) is a state-owned financial institution of which  100% charter capital is held by the State. The Deposit Insurance of Vietnam has a legal entity, a seal, and a bank account under Vietnamese law; is exempted from all taxes according to the provisions of law.

After more than 15 years of construction and development, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam has taken steps to try to demonstrate the vital role in the protection of depositors, contributing to ensuring social security. 


Currently, the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam has its headquarter in Hanoi and 6 branches in the major economic regions of the country: Hanoi Regional Branch based in Hanoi, regional Branch in Ho Chi Minh city based in Ho Chi Minh city, Northeast Regional Branch based in Haiphong, North Central Regional Branch based in Vinh City of Nghe An Province, Mekong River Delta Regional Branch based in the city of Can Tho, South Central Region Branch based in the city of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa.


In recent years, thanks to attention of the Government, effective coordination and supports of the ministries, departments and agencies, care of party committees and administrations at all levels and the common efforts of all officials and staff in the whole deposit insurance system, the operation of the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam has made remarkable contribution to the cause of the national renovation, restructuring of the banking system, protected the legitimate rights and interests of depositors, contributing to maintaining the stability of credit institutions, ensuring the safe and sound development of banking activities. The deposit Insurance of Vietnam is an important factor in making full use of domestic capital and funds for economic development, political stability and social order and security economic.


Over the past years, policy of deposit insurance that is experienced by actual operation of the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam has come into reality. That is evidence affirming the position, role, the necessity of a vital financial institution to the economy in general and the national financial safety net in particular.


The above-mentioned comprehensive tasks and goals has been carried out by the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam with common efforts of all officials and staff, ensuring the standards of qualifications, professional ethics, activeness, creativity and effectiveness in the spirit of cooperation and engagement with the organization. It is strongly believable that the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam shall complete tasks and goals successfully.


Chairman of Board of Directors
Deposit Insurance of Vietnam